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1940s Television

In the 1940s, TV was in its infancy. That becomes evident when you know that in 1946 (the earliest year for which I have records) there were a total of 2 National Networks: NBC and THE DU MONT NETWORK. It's even clearer when you learn that you can count ALL the Network Programs on your fingers and toes, and have toes left over! (There were a total of 15 programs!). Since I have no first hand knowledge of these shows, (I was born in 1950), I used the following as my source: http://www.answers.com/topic/1946-47-united-states-network-television-schedule, and I verified them using IMDb.com.

Here's a great site offering "HARD TO FIND VIDEOS": http://www.robertsvideos.com/.

If you click here you'll go to the Internet Movie Database site ( IMDb.com ). If you cut and paste a show's title into the search line, you'll be given all kinds of info about that show. This web site has settled many many arguements between my wife and myself.

Those of you from the UK will find some your classic TV programs located at http://www.screenonline.org.uk and sites, http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/ and http://www.answers.com/topic/1940-in-television (USA, UK & Canada)

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54th Street Revue (1949-1950)


ABC Barn Dance (1949)
ABC Penthouse Players (1949)
Actors Studio (1948-1950)
Admiral Presents the Five Star Revue -Welcome Aboard (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Al Morgan (1949-1951)
The Aldrich Family (1949-1953)
America Song (1948-1949)
America Speaks (1948)
America's Town Meeting (1948-1952)
Americana (1947-1949)
And Everything Nice (1949-1950)
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (1949-1959)
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (1948-1958)
Auction-Aire (1949-1950)
The Author Meets the Critics (1947-1954)


The Big Story (1949-1958)
The Bigelow Show (1948-1949)
Birthday Party (AKA King Cole's Birthday Party) (1947-1949)
Blind Date (1949-1953)
Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties (1949-1951)
The Black Robe (1949)
Blues by Bargy (1949-1950)
Break the Bank (1948-1957)
Broadway to Hollywood – Headline Clues (1949-1954)


Camel News Caravan (1948-1956)
Camel Newsreel Theatre (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Camera Headlines (1948)
Campus Hoopla (1946-1947)
Candid Camera (1948-1950, 1953, 1960-1967)
Candid Microphone (1948-1950)
Captain Billy's Mississippi Music Hall (1948)
Captain Video and His Video Rangers (1949-1955)
Capitol Cloak Room (1949-1950)
Cash and Carry (1946-1947)
(Gillette) Cavalcade of Sports (1944-1960)
Cavalcade of Stars (1949-1952)
Celebrity Time (1948-1952)
Champagne and Orchids (1948-1949)
Charade Quiz (1947-1949)
Chesterfield Supper Club (AKA The Perry Como Show) (1948-1963)
Chevrolet Tele-Theater (1948-1950)
Chicagoland Mystery Players (1949-1950)
Cinema Varieties (1949)
Cities Service Band of America (1949-1950)
The Clock (1949-1952)
Club Seven (1948-1951)
Colgate Theatre (1949-1950)
Court of Current Issues (1948-1951)
The Crisis (1949)
Cross Question (1949)
Critic at Large (1948-1949)
Current Opinion (1947)(Not on IMDb)
Crusade In Europe (1949)


Doorway to Fame (1947-1949)


Earl Wrightson At Home (1948-1952)
The Ed Sullivan Show (AKA Toast of the Town) (1948-1971)
The Ed Wynn Show (1949-1950)
The Esso Newsreel (1946- ) Eye Witness (1947-1948)


Fashion on Parade (1948)
Face the Music (1949)
Face to Face (1946-1947)
Famous Jury Trials (1949-1952)
Faraway Hill (1946)
Feature Theater (1949)
Fireball Fun-For-All (1949)
Fireside Theater (1949-1955)
Fishing and Hunting Club (1949-1950)
Follow That Man (1949-1954)
Ford Television Theater Hour (1948, 1952-1957)
The Fred Waring Show (1949-1954)
The Front Page (1949-1950)
Front Row Center (1949-1950)
Fun for the Money (1949)


Garroway at Large (1949-1951)
Gay Nineties Revue (1948-1949)
Geographically Speaking (1946)
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports (1944-1960)
Girl About Town (1948-1949)
The Goldbergs (1949-1956)
Greatest Fights of the Century (1948-1954)
The Growing Paynes (1948-1949)
The Gulf Road Show (1948-1949)


Hands of Murder (1949-1951)
Hollywood Premiere (1049)
Hollywood Screen Test (1948-1953)
Hopalong Cassidy (1949-1950, 1952)
Hollywood Screen Test (1948-1953)
Hour Glass (1946-1947)


I Love to Eat (1946-1947)
I Remember Mama (AKA Mama) (1949-1957)
I.N.S. Telenews (1948)
Inside U.S.A. with Chevrolet (1949-1950)
In the First Person (1949-1950)
In the Kelvinator Kitchen (1947-1948)



Kiernan's Corner (1948-1949)
Key to the Missing (1948-1949)
King Cole's Birthday Party (AKA Birthday Party) (1947-1949)
Kobbs' Korner (1948-1949)
Kraft Television Theater (1947-1958)
Kukla, Fran and Ollie (1947-1957)


Leave It to the Girls (1949-1954)
Leon Pearson and the News (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Let There Be Stars (1949)
Let's Play the Game (1946)
Let's Rhumba (1946-1947)
The Life of Riley (1949-1950, 1953-1958)
The Little Revue (1949-1950, 1953)
The Lone Ranger (1949-1957)
Lucky Pup (1948-1951)


Majority Rules (1949-1950)
Mama (AKA I Remember Mama) (1949-1957)
Man Against Crime (1949-1954, 1956)
Manhattan Spotlight (1949-1951)
Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-1954)
Mary Kay and Johnny (1947-1950)
Mary Margaret McBride (1948)
Milton Berle Show (AKA Texaco Star Theater) (1948-1956)
Movieland Quiz (1948)
Meet Your Congress (1949-1954)
Meet the Press (1947-Present)
Mixed Doubles (1949)
Mohawk Showroom (1949-1951)
The Morey Amsterdam Show (1948-1950)
Mr. Black (1949)
Musical Merry-Go-Round (1947-1949)
Musical Minatures (1948)
Mystery Theater (1949)(Not on IMDb)


NBC Presents (1948-1949)
The Nature of Things (1948-1954)
News and Views (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Newsweek Views the News (1948)


Oboler Comedy Theater (1949)
The O’Neills (1949-1950)
On Trial (1948-1952)
Operation Success (1948-1949)


The Paul Arnold Show (1949-1950)
(Paul Whiteman’s) TV Teen Club (1949-1954)
People's Platform (1948-1950)
The Perry Como Show (AKA Chesterfield Supper Club) (1948-1963)
Philco Television Playhouse (1948-1955)
Photocrime (1948)
Photoplay Time (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Places Please (1948-1949)
(Let's) Play the Game (1946)
The Plainclothesman (1949-1954)
Premiere Playhouse (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Princess Sagaphi (1948-1949)


To the Queen's Taste (1948)(Not on IMDb)
The Quiz Kids (1949-1956)
Quizzing the News (1948-1949)

Review of the Week (1948)(Not on IMDb)
The Roar of the Rails (1948-1949)
The Roar of the Rails (1948-1949)
Roller Derby (1949-1951)


Serving Through Science (1946-1947)
The Silver Theater (1949-1950)
Small Fry Club (1947-1951)
The Sonny Kendis Show (1949)(Not on IMDb)
The Southern- aires Quartet (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Spin the Picture (1949-1950)
Sports with Joe Hasel (1948))Not on IMDb)
Sportsman's Quiz (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Starring Boris Karloff (1949)
Stop Me If You've Heard This One (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Stop the Music (1949-1956)
Story of the Week (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Studio One (1948-1958)
Suspense (1949-1954)
The Swift Show (1948)


Tales of the Red Caboose (1948-1949)
(Ted Mack and) The Original Amateur Hour (1948-1970)
The Ted Steele Show (1948-1949)
Teenage Book Club (1948)
Television Playhouse (1947-1948)
Television Screen Magazine (1946-1949)
Texaco Star Theater (AKA Milton Berle Show) (1948-1956)
That Reminds Me (1948)
Think Fast (1949-1950)
This is Show Business (1949-1954, 1956)
Three About Town (1948)(Not on IMDb)
Toast of the Town (AKA The Ed Sullivan Show) (1948-1971)
Tomorrow’s Boxing Champions (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Tonight on Broadway (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Tournament of Champions (1948)(Not on IMDb)


Uptown Jubilee (1949)(Not on IMDb)


Village Barn ( 1948-1950)
The Vincent Lopez Show (1949)
Voice of Firestone Televues (1943-1947)

The World in Your Home (1944-1948)
We, the People (1948-1952)
The Week in Review (1948)(Not on IMDb)
The Week in Sports (1949)(Not on IMDb)
What's it Worth (1948-1949)
Who Said That? (1948-1955)
Winner Take All (1948-1950)



You Are an Artist (1946-1950)
Your Sports Special (1949)(Not on IMDb)
Your Witness (1949-1950)
Youth on the March (1949-1953)



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