"The names of the members of this first Presbyterian church formed west of the Mississippi, male and female, old and young as preserved by Robert M. Stevenson were: Jason Frizzel, Miles Goforth and wife, Mary McCreary, William Henderson and wife, Robert Sloan and wife, James Robinson and wife and mother, Elisha Baker, William Campbell and wife, Joseph McCarty, Robert M. Stevenson and wife, John Baird and mother, John Pettigrew and wife, Anthony Sharpe and wife, John McClintock and wife, William Sloan and wife, Nicholas Hays and wife, John Walker and wife, Thomas Jordan, Josiah Bell, John Gibbins and wife, Samuel Gibbins, Thomas Baker and wife, John R. Broker, Ananias McCoy, John and Luke Davis, Samuel Henderson, Daniel Gallager, John Blair, Daniel Phelps, John P. Alexander and wife, French Strother and wife, Samuel Sloan and wife, James Johnson, Abraham Beckman, Joseph Gibbins and wife, John T. Webb and wife, John Clarkson and wife, John McCormick, William Davis and wife, Patrick Estes and wife, Andrew Goforth, Timothy Phelps, William Sloan and wife, James McCormick, William O. Stevenson, Thomas Blair and wife, Fergus Sloan, John Robinson, Elijah Baker, James Gibbins and wife, Robert Gibbins and wife, William Webb, Elizabeth Hewitt, Moses Scott and wife, John Hughes, Levi A. Sloan, Solomon Davis and wife, Lot Davis and wife, John Johnson and wife, Zack Goforth, William McCarty, George Ashbrook, John Anderson, Robert Alexander, Thomas Sloan, Hewett Bail and wife, A. T. Alexander and wife, Cynthia Alexander, William S. Sloan, John Sloan, James Sloan, Amos Sloan, and William McLaughlin. The first meeting took place Wednesday, July 31, 1816, and another meeting the following Friday. William Sloan, Robert Sloan, Joseph McCormack and Alexander Boyd were installed as elders and Dr. Giddings says that 'the sacrament was administered the Sabbath after,' and he says that 'it was a solemn and delightful season to many,' and that a very large audience attended and 'behaved with decency.' From Bellevue Dr. Giddings say he went to 'the Cape' and from there to Ste. Genevieve -- Hempstead Letters in Missouri Historical Society Archives."

This information was found as a foot note on pages 228 and 223 of HOUK'S HISTORY OF MISSOURI Volume III.