Welcome to
Rio Bueno P.O., Trelawny, Jamaica

We just recently returned from a wonderful week of what I like to call "QUALITY BEACH TIME." We were able to find this little bit of heaven at a resort called GRAND LIDO BRACO, situated halfway between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Jamaica. The resort was originally called BRACO VILLAGE, and was bought by the SUPER CLUBS and renamed GRAND LIDO BRACO in 1997, I think.

We have been there before, about four years ago, and again 2 years ago. The first time we thought the place was great. Since it became a SUPER CLUB, we think it really is SUPER. I know you don't want to read a lot of stuff about our trip, so I've linked pictures of many of the facilities all over the resort. One morning I got up at 5 A.M. to take most of the pictures because I did not want the panoramas and QuickTimes cluttered with people.

I have added quite a few new new pictures, some wide-frame panoramas and some "panable" QuickTime movies where it is like standing in one spot and turning around in a circle. Just look for either or to locate the new pictures.

Either click on the properly map, or pick what you want to see by title from the list below. There are also links to some pictures that just don't fit into any of the categories, and the daily activities as of June, 1998.

(If a link does not work on the map, use the list below it)
clckable map of G.L. Braco

  1. Town Hall Reception
  2. Courthouse
    (Now with a QuickTime Video)
  3. Village Shops
  4. Bakery
  5. Italian Restaurant
  6. French Restaurant (upstairs)
    Disco (downstairs)
  7. Japanese Restaurant
  8. Nanny's Jerk Pit Restaurant
  9. T. V. Room
  10. Piano Bar
  11. Victoria Market (Main Restaurant)
    (Now with a Wide Frame Panorama)
  12. Game Room
  13. Executive Golf Course (9 holes--Par 3)
  14. Main Tennis Courts
  15. Soccer Field
  16. Main-side Guest Rooms
  17. Main-side Pool
    (Now with a QuickTime Video)
  18. Main-side Jacuzzi
  19. Main-side Beach
    (Now with a QuickTime Video and a Wide-frame Panorama)
  20. Au Natural Beach
  21. Au Natural Pool Bar
  22. Small AU Natural Hot tub
  23. Au Natural Guest Rooms
  24. Fitness Center
  25. Au Natural Club House
  26. Au Natural Tennis Court
  27. Au Natural Jacuzzi
  28. Main-side Beach Snack Bar & Sm. Hot Tub
  29. Au Natural Pool (Largest pool in Jamaica)
    (Now with a QuickTime Video)
  30. Miscellaneous Pictures
  31. Photos sent in by Shawn Hubbard
  32. Daily Activities
  33. QuickTime Panable Pictures
  34. Wide-Frame Panoramas
  35. Resident Artist, Tyrone Bailey
  36. Wednesday's Beach Party
  37. Friday's Street Party