Here's a link to a research article about the DNA origins of Umfridus (Humphry) de Kilpatrick, founder of Clan Colquhoun

If you have already had your Y-DNA tested, you can post it here. Just EMAIL me. The best way to send me your results is to (in open your Y-DNA matches page, then press-hold Ctrl and pressPrintScreen (PrtScr). This captures the image on you screen. Open Paint, click paste save this screen capture then attach it to an email you send to me. In FTDNA, click on print certificate, save the certificate, attach it to an email that you send to me.

If you haven't had your Y-DNA tested (sorry gals, only men can take this test), but want to, I suggest you go to Family Tree (aka and sign up for/purchase either a Y-37 Marker or a Y-67 Marker test (the more markers, the more accurate the results). Once you've sent in your test and your results have been posted, I can advise you how to proceed.

Here are links to the 3 top DNA testing companies, FTDNA (best for Y-DNA & mtDNA tests), and AncestryDNA (easiest to use BUT requires an account to view trees of your relatives.)

Click this link & read about the 3 kinds of Gen. DNA Tests and see how they compare. DNA Info

Some sites you may be interested in visiting are The Kirkpatrick-Kilpatrick DNA Projct and Y Search.Org


The following maps show the distribution of the E1b1b1 haplogroup which is rather rare in Great Britain. It's been deduced that the E-V13 haplogroup may have been introduced in Great Britain by Roman soldiers from the Balkans otherwise known as ancient Thrace.
This article by Stephen C Bird (2007) explains it well.