In March of 2009 we took our first trip to

We had avoided visiting Vegas for many years since we are not gamblers, but we decided to head out there to see some of the shows. What made us come to this decision was the headline act of Terry Fator, who had won
AMERICA'S GOT TALENT two years ago. He is now under a $100,000,000 5-year contact with the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

I researched and booked our trip through VEGAS.COM where I found we could get 5 nights in
the IMPERIAL PALACE, at the center of THE STRIP, for $310/per person (plus airport and tourist taxes). Since airfare alone is over $200 per person, this seems like a good price. The hotel is one of the older properties on the strip, built in 1959, is located between HARRAH'S and THE FLAMINGO and it's across from CEASERS PALACE.


This is the PERFECT location to explore the Vegas Strip.

We did NOT rent a car, rather, we took a shuttle from the airport to our hotel and either walked or used shuttle buses to get around.

Our first day we took the shuttle from HARRAH'S CASINO over to THE RIO to get our 1/2 price tickets for PENN & TELLER's show.

-- -

When we entered the Penn & Teller Theater that evening, they asked us all to come up on stage to inspect a large wooden box and to sign a manilla envelope that was pinned to a portable bulletin board. When the show started Teller appeared out of the box. Later on in the show Penn tells us he's going to demonstrate how "stage magicians" read minds. He starts by passing around a large joke book for us to examine, while he's describing how it's all an act where the "magician" reads his subjects subtle expressions. About that time be joke book reaches me. He suddenly says, "Who has the Joke Book? Come on up on stage." So up I get and to the stage I go. After he asks my name, Penn tells me to open to any 2-page spread having 4 to 6 jokes. Then he says I'm to pick one and read it aloud, all but the punch line. The audiance is going to tell ME the punch line. So I picked 2 pages, then picked a ratherr short joke and began to read it. It went something like this:

"A young attractive prostitute approached an older man and asks him if he'd like to engage her services. She told him that for $375 she'll do anything he asks as long as he can ask it in just 3 words.

The man said, 'OK, here's the $375.'

Now the prostitute asks him what he wants her to do--remember, it can only be what you can ask in just 3 words.

'So, WHAT would you like me to do?'

The man replied:

(Now, behind me I hear the sound of the large envelope being ripped open) And the audiance yells out:


Earlier that day we walked down to THE PARIS, LAS VEGAS HOTEL AND CASINO where there is a 1/2 size replica of the Eifel Tower. We rode to the top of the tower where I took pictures of The Strip then watched the BELLAGIO FOUNTAIN's 3:00 P.M. show.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Then we returned to the street level where we watched the next "performance" of the fountain from a different angle.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Afterwards we went to dinner at THE FLAMINGO's Buffet, where we als received free tickets to the NATHAN BURTON COMEDY MAGIC show on Friday @ 4:00.

After dinner we attended the Penn and Teller Show which I wrote about earlier. We then returned to our hotel room following the show and turned in early since we would have to get up at 5:00 the next day to meet the bus for the tour to the Grand Cayon.

On to day 2 and the GRAND CANYON!!

Below is the BEST map of Las Vegas that I could find on the web. Go to their website at to see and use this GREAT interactive map!!