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Allen was born ca 17871 as ALLEN FINLEY, Son of Sally Finley2, in Virginia3, 4 (presumed) Bedford County. In 1808 CANIEL CORLEY died, leaving a will5. The 8th item in his will leaves the ballance of his estate to "Sally Finley and her six children namely Allen, Polly, James, Berry, John and Jeremiah".6 All of Salley's sons took the surname CORLEY7 upon the death of Caniel Corley, and Caniel named ALLEN CORLEY8 as one of the executors of his will. It is assumed that that Allen Corley is the same person as Allen Finley. Keeping all of this confusing name scamble in mind, it is believed that Allen was the illegitimate son of Caniel Corley. This fact is supported by a Y-DNA I took showng my paternal line is 100% Corley and my closest matches are other descendants of Caniel Corley. (Caniel's ancestors)

On December 12, 1807 John Cawley (Caulley) married Mary Siner9, 10, daughter of John Siner Sr.11 in Bedford Co., Va. Allen and Mary's first two children, Abel and John12, were born in Virginia13. By 1816 Allen and Mary were living in Franklin, Co. Va. 14 and by February 25, 1819, they were living in KY, thier daughter Elizabeth having been born there. I have been told that they came through Pound Gap on the Journey to Kentucky. They resisded in Greenup Co., KY in 182015 and remained in Kentucky until 182916, when they moved to Symmes Township of Lawrence County, Ohio. They may have moved to Greenup Co., Ky as that is where Allen's uncle (presumed) Thiel (Salathiel) Corley lived.

Little is known about Allen's life in Lawrence Co. Ohio. I have learned from the census that Allen was a farmer. He lived on what is today named CAULLEY CREEK17, formerly called "Yates Fork", a tributary to Buffalo Creek in Symmes Township. In 1837 Allen bought three quarter sections via US LAND PATENTS. Links to these patenes and those of his sons are listed below.

It is believed that Allen and Mary are buried in unmarked graves in the CAULLEY FAMILY CEMETERY ( S10, T5, R17. Nr Cauley Cr Rd (CR46)). Several others of the family are buried there. Mainly his son, Andrew Jackson Caulley and some of his family.

Allen and Mary's Children

Allen's son, Abel Corley & his family relocated to Scioto Co, Ohio where his descendants are going by the COLLEY
spelling. (Click the correct year to see the Colley households in the census. Abel Cooley 1850, Abel Colley 1880, Allen Colley 1880).

Allen's son John relocated to Reynolds Co., Missouri in 1870, having left after the Census was taken. They traveled by wagon across The American Road through Indiana and Illinois and crossed the Mississippi River before the Bridge was built at St. Louis. They settled in Reynolds County where John died on the 6th of October, 187618. John & Mary's son, Henry, died from wounds suffered at the Battle of Stones River in Murfreesboro, TN 18a.

Daughter, Elizabeth Cauley Bandy divorced George Bandy Jr and died in Lawrence Co in 1899. What we know about Elizabeth Caulley Bandy mostly comes from the census records. (Click the correct year to see the Bandy household in the census. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880).

Son Andrew Jackson enlisted in the army during the Mexican War19, 20afterward he stayed the closest to where the family settled, having farmed the land until his death in 1897. He was married twice. First to Nancy Thompson on 8 Jun 184621 and 2ndly to Rebecca Sanders on 19 Nov 185422,23.

Son George relocated to Scioto Co., OH where he was a teamster and is reported to have smuggled escaped slaves across the Ohio River hidden among the boxes on his wagon.

Son William Henry Harrison Caulley enlisted in the Mexican War and was killed and buried in Camargo, Mexico24, 25.

Daughter Tempy Cauley married Willam Shope/Sharp. Little more is known about her and her descendants except what is learned from the 1850 census.

Daughter Mary married William B. Lambert on August 25, 184926. Little more is known about her and her descendants except what is found on the census records. (Click the correct year to see the Lambert household. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880).

Daughter Rachel Married Lewis Pascal/Louis Pascol on December 2, 184927. Little more is known about her and her descendants.

Only the age of the youngest child, daughter Sarah is known, from the 1850 census.


and marriage records of SOME of Allen and Mary's children
in Lawrence Co., Ohio:

Allen & Mary's Marriage BOND, RETURNS

Abel Colley & Catherine Spencer Oct. 31, 1835
John Caulley & Eliza Clarkson Jan 27, 1838
George W Carley & Elizabeth Spencer June 11, 1841
Elizabeth Cauley & George Bandy Jr. Sept. 26, 1838
Mary Cauley & William B. Lambert August 25, 1849
Rachel Cauley & Lewis Pascal December 2, 1849
A. J. Caulley-Nancy Thompson Marriage June 8, 1846
A. J. Caulley-Rebecca Sanders Marriage Dec. 19, 1854


1810 Census, Bedford Co., VA
1820 Census, Greenup Co., KY
1830 Census, Symmes Twnshp., Lawrence Co., OH
1840 Census, Symmes Twnshp., Lawrence Co., OH
1850 Census, Symmes Twnshp., Lawrence Co., OH
1860 Census, Symmes Twnshp., Lawrence Co., OH

US Land Patents Purchased by the CAULLEYs
Patentee Patent Date Patent# Tshp/Range Sect Description
JOHN CALLEY 8/5/1837 5553 005N - 017W 3 SE¼SE¼
ANDREW CANLEY 9/1/1849 16225 005N - 017W 3 W½SE¼
ANDREW J CAULEY 12/1/1849 27763 005N - 017W/ 3 W½SE¼
ANDREW J CAULEY 12/13/1851 27763 005N - 017W 3 W½SE¼
JOHN CAULLEY 6/25/1841 11528 005N - 017W 4 SW¼SW¼
ALLEN CAWLEY7/1/1851 11960 005N - 017W 4 SE¼
Father of Wm H H deceased soldier
ALLEN CAWBEY 8/1/1837 5057 005N - 017W 9 SE¼NE¼
ABEL CALLEY 8/5/1837 5552 005N - 017W 10 NE¼NE¼
ALLEN CALLY 8/5/1837 5466 005N - 017W 10 NW¼NW¼
GEORGE W CALLY 8/15/1837 7411 005N - 017W 10 SW¼SW¼
ALLEN CAULEY 8/5/1837 6121 005N - 017W 10 SE¼NW¼
ABEL CANLEY 3/10/1836 4266 005N - 017W 15 NW¼NW¼
ANDREW J CORLLEY 11/1/1846 13061 003N - 018W 24 NW¼NE¼


Andrew Bandy to John Calley 1837
Andrew J Corley to B. C. Nelson 1845
Abel Corley to Andrew J Corley 1848
Abel Caulley to John Powers 1849
Andrew J Corley to James Thompson 1849
William Jones to Andrew J. Colley 1851
George W Coulley to J. L. Armstrong 1851
A. J. Caully to Sylvester McDaniel 1851
Allen Calley to John Calley 1854
J. L. Armstrong to Andrew J. Colly 1855
John Powers to Andrew J. Colly 1855
Samuel Goff to A. J. Calley 1857
Allen Cally to George Lambert Jan 1859
George Lambert to Allen Caulley Nov 1859
Andrew J. Corley to George Thompson 1859
Andrew J. Caulley to James L Armstrong 1860
Allen Cauley to A J Cauley 1860
Andrew Bandy to Andrew J Caulley 1862
Ohio Iron and Coal to John Caulley 1863
Ohio Iron and Coal to John Cawley 1864
James L. Armstrong to John Colley 1865
Allen Caulley to Andrew J. Caulley 1866
Lawrence Co Auditor to Andrew J. Cauley 1866
John Cauley to Robert Miller 1870
John Armstrong to A. J. Caulley 1874
A. J. Cawley to Jarah J. Cawley 1878
A. J. Caulley/Cawley 2 J. A. Cawley 1879

Allen's Family Group Sheet
Sally Finley's Family Group Sheet (Allen's Mother)
John & Mary Siner's Family Group Sheet (Allen's In-laws)

The Caulley Descendant's Chart
The Corley Descendant's Chart
The Siner Descendant's Chart
The Clarkson Descendant's Chart

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