HUSBAND____John C. HUGHES_________________BORN WHEN _13 March, 1827_____________
BORN WHERE____Washington Co., Mo.___________________ MARRIED WHEN __28 November, 1850______
MARRIED WHERE __Washington Co., Mo.___________________ DIED WHEN _____8 April, 1863________
DIED WHERE __on the hospital steamer THE CITY OF MEMPHIS _ BURIED WHERE _Jefferson Barracks Nat. Cem, St. Louis, Mo_

HUSBAND'S FATHER ___ William Hughes____________________ MOTHER__Mary Kirkpatrick_________________

WIFE__Harriet Newell CAMPBELL_____________________BORN WHEN ___1 December, 1833___________________
BORN WHERE__Washington Co., Mo._____________________ DIED WHEN ___4 February, 1904____________
DIED WHERE __Mo.____________________ BURIED WHERE ___Belleview Presb. Church Cem., Caledonia, Mo._

WIFE'S FATHER __William Campbell____________________ MOTHER__Lilly Cunningham___________________
OTHER SPOUSE__#2 Stephen A. Buxton___

1 CHILD ___Thomas FRANKlin Hughes__________M/F_M__BORN__22 November., 1851_WHERE_S. of Belgrade, Mo._
Spouse___Ella Sutton______________________Married when_____________DIED __2 Feb., 1912___

2 CHILD __William Walter Hughes___________M/F_M__BORN_1 Mar., 1854_WHERE_S. of Belgrade, Mo._
Spouse___Sarah Jane Hatridge________________Married when_8 April, 1873__DIED __29 Aug., 1929__

3 CHILD ___George W. Hughes________M/F_M_BORN_ca 1857_WHERE_S. of Belgrade, Mo._
Spouse_________________________Married when_____________DIED _ of typhoid & pnemonia May 1860_

4 CHILD __John Watson Hughes_____________M/F_M_BORN_1 July, 1859_WHERE_S. of Belgrade, Mo._
Spouse_Harriet Evans____________________Married when_____________DIED _7 Sept., 1934_____

5 CHILD _____Valentine "VAL" Hughes____________M/F_M_BORN_7 Sept., 1861_WHERE_S. of Belgrade, Mo._
Spouse___Ella Lucas_________________________Married when_____________DIED _____________________

Harriet had 3 children by her 2nd husband, Sterphen A. Buxton. They were; Mollie Buxton, Nora Buxton, and Allie Buxton (Thomas).