Here are just a few tips that should make your trip go more smoothly:

ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE AND WHEN YOU BOOK: Know How to get into your apartment. The ground floor apartments are accessed from the patio and there are some inside and some outside the circle of the building. Any above the ground floor are accessed from an inside hall.

ASK where to park your car. Some apartments come with parking included. There is on-street parking but it fills up FAST.

GET your Franc or Euros BEFORE you leave home. The exchange rate was over 1.75 Fancs less per dollar at the office on site than I got using SKY TELLER.

TAKE THE TIME to learn a little French. It will help you out a lot. I have a list of some phrases and words that would make your stay much easier on my French Vocabulary page.

GET an electronic translator (which also has a currency converter) and/or a French/Englsih Dictionary. ALSO take a small notebook and pen. You can have the person write what they are saying then you can look it up in the dictionary.

YOU CAN BEATJET LAG, WE DID! Start 2 weeks before you leave and go to bed/get up 30 minutes earlier each night. by the time you leave you will either be on or close to being on French (Central Europe) time. We had no jet lag going over. Coming back has been another story. But then I'd rather be tired here than over there.

DO NOT EXPECT everyone to speak English, but if you work with them, they will work with you and you will have a great time.

BE FRIENDLY. If you are, you will find there are some realy nnice people out there and you will have a better time.